For this session on 20 May from 12-1pm (BST), we will be welcoming Dominik Lukes (Assistive Technology Officer for the Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Oxford) for a conversation exploring the key capabilities and limitations of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the way these systems can be integrated into academic and professional practices.

AI has many flavours, but one of the most transformative within the academic and professional landscape is the system dubbed ‘Large Language Models’, otherwise known as ‘LLMs’. LLMs are usually associated with autocomplete systems that predict your next word, or even as a simple reasoning engine that mimics human-like decision making and problem solving. In this session, we’ll introduce the concept of using LLMs as ‘universal semantic translators’ to understand shared meaning across languages. We’ll explore their creative potential and how they impact reading, writing, research, and practice.

This event is part of the UK Young Academy’s wider webinar series on special interest topics. It is coordinated by members, for members. The session will be recorded, in line with the UK Young Academy’s Privacy policy.