We will work openly and transparently on issues and challenges that are important to its members.

The newly established members will decide on our work programmes, which will span across all areas of our members’ expertise to find innovative ways of working and share knowledge. While we are independent in our approach, we will collaborate with other Young Academies and partner organisations on projects to ensure our output is the best it can be. We want to deliver insights that will have the widest impact on society by helping people and policymakers in the UK and elsewhere to build a better future.

Besides being leaders in their own area of expertise, members are brought together by the common goal of bringing about positive change in society.

Gergely Toldi, Member of the Hungarian Young Academy and alumni of the Global Young Academy

What do Young Academy members do?

We spoke to Young Academy members and alumni from around the world to find out more about their experiences as part of their Young Academy.