Now is the right time

The world is facing enormous challenges and the next generation of leaders will be crucial to solving them.

The importance of international collaboration has never been greater. Global problems such as the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, biodiversity loss and social inequality require the knowledge of people at all levels of society to be shared and heard. Young Academies offer those still in the early stages of their careers the opportunity to contribute their thoughts and ideas to others being shared on the international stage.

While most leading nations have a Young Academy of their own, the UK Young Academy is the first UK-wide body to represent this important group of emerging leaders. To find solutions to the challenges they will face now and in the future. The UK Young Academy means they can be heard.

What Young Academies stand for

The UK Young Academy is established under the guiding principles for Young Academies. These were set out to help preserve the values that underpin the Young Academy movement and help the community to grow.


Young Academy members are already excelling in their own field and a commitment to excellence lies at the heart of all Young Academy activities.


Young Academy members are selected using an open and unbiased process. They have a clear leadership structure that is accountable and elected through transparent procedures. Activities are chosen by the members.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Finding solutions to the challenges facing the modern world requires an inclusive approach with contributions from as many different people as possible. Young Academies strive to attract a diverse membership and are committed to maintaining an inclusive and equal environment for their members. Their activities promote these qualities.


In order to make a credible contribution and have a voice that is listened to on global issues, Young Academies need to maintain a strong, positive reputation through high standards of integrity and ethics.

Explore our projects

Work programmes and initiatives led by members in collaboration with external partners and organisations are already underway, with the aim to address the young academy’s strategic priorities set out in its first year.


The IMAGINE project aims to support the career development of young people from challenging backgrounds.


The THRIVE project aims to identify the challenges faced by neurodivergent employees and develop effective strategies to foster more inclusive workplaces.
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