We welcome all applicants

Be part of an organisation with the influence to take part in international dialogues on issues that matter and contribute to positive social change, while furthering your own career prospects at the same time.

The eligibility criteria for membership

There are four requirements for membership, however we would encourage you to apply, even if you think you might not fit all the eligibility criteria. If you see yourself as early-career and are passionate about our aims, we want to hear from you. You can also get in touch with us if you are unsure about whether you are eligible.

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You’ll be in the early stages of a professional career

We are looking for innovative and proactive individuals in all key sectors of society. While not an exhaustive list, these might include entrepreneurs, researchers in academia or industry, engineers, professionals in the arts and creative industries, lawyers, teachers, clinicians, along with individuals working in new and emerging fields.

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You’ll have approximately 3-12 years’ experience in your field

Those eligible to apply will be in the early stages of their careers. Members will typically have at least three to twelve years of experience post-qualification or working in their profession. However this is just a guide and anyone who has demonstrated excellence and leadership in their field will be considered.

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You’ll have a track record of excellence

Members will be selected for their career excellence. Perhaps you’ve made a significant contribution to your field, won awards, or led a team to deliver an important new project. Your commitment and possible contribution to the UK Young Academy will also be important.

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You must reside in the UK

Members will be selected from anywhere in the UK and from all backgrounds. Applicants will typically be UK citizens or live in the UK when you apply for membership, unless you have exceptional circumstances.


Although we are an academy for the “young”, we expect to welcome members from their mid-20s to their mid-40s. However this is just a guideline, and if you are early in your career and meet the selection criteria, you will be considered, regardless of age.

While our members might be youthful and early in their careers, we are not a youth organisation. Our name is intended to align us with the global Young Academy movement and to collaborate as part of this international network is a key reason for establishing the UK Young Academy.

We appreciate that career paths can take many twists and turns. When reviewing applicants’ eligibility, documented career breaks (including parental leave, adoptive leave or extended sick leave) will be taken into consideration.

Applications for our first group of members will be reviewed by the Appointments Committee, which comprises individuals selected by the seven senior partner academies covering different areas of knowledge, expertise and geography. Applications will be considered using the criteria given below, with final selection being decided by the committee. The Appointments Committee may invite you to attend a short interview as part of the selection process.

Timeline for the selection process:

  • 8 September 2022: Deadline for applications
  • September – November 2022: Review of applications by the Appointments Committee
  • 16 – 18 November 2022: Possible applicant interviews
  • December 2022: Applicants will be contacted about application outcome

Once the first group of members are in place, future membership rounds will be conducted under a process to be established by UK Young Academy members.

The application form consists of three main sections that cover your career, a personal statement and how you feel you will contribute to the UK Young Academy. Applicants are asked to use these to demonstrate evidence of excellence and professional achievement, together with other relevant skills and experience you might have. This might include, for example, involvement or interest in innovation and entrepreneurial activity; interdisciplinary working; interest in both global and national professional and societal policy issues and interest or participation in international collaboration. Applications will then be scored by the Appointments Committee according to their strengths in these areas.

Alongside the evidence listed above, we are looking for broader skills and experience that demonstrate a passion for working with others; a capacity for leadership; interest in wider societal issues; a flair for innovative and creative thinking and entrepreneurial activity.

Membership is for five years. We encourage members to put in as much time as they feel they are able to, and are looking for individuals who will actively contribute to the UK Young Academy’s activities and work programmes.

At the very least members will be expected to attend the New Members Induction Meeting on the 24 – 25 January 2023 and commit roughly 4-5 hours/month.

There will be optional leadership opportunities available to the first group of members which may require additional time commitment.

Applications for membership of the UK Young Academy are open to any individual in their early to mid-career stage regardless of the sector you work in; from the arts to the sciences, business to sport. Even if your field of expertise falls outside any of those mentioned elsewhere on this website, your contribution could still be vital, and we encourage you to apply.

Yes, absolutely. If you are already a member of another Young Academy you can also apply for membership at the UK Young Academy, providing you are able to meet your commitment responsibilities and are eligible.

Similarly with research fellowships, membership to other early-career networks or forums, and equivalent schemes in the professional sectors, there are no restrictions on also applying for UK Young Academy membership, providing you are still able to commit the minimum time requirements to our work programmes and activities.

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