Educational sector leadership

Hiba Khan

Member since 2024

Occupation: Chief Revenue Officer at Medics.Academy

I wanted to join the UK Young Academy because I have a passion for effecting positive change and improving people's lives.


Hiba Khan is a Doctor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur, Honorary Lecturer at The University of Central Lancashire and Chief Revenue Officer at Medics.Academy – a healthcare education and technology company.

She has a background in entrepreneurship, innovation and solutions in healthcare and was recently awarded an Innovation Fellowship at Mid and South Essex NHS Trust to continue this work. Hiba runs the development function at Medics.Academy and oversees a global team of executives.

She also has experience in governance as Vice-Chair of the Board at Queen Mary University Students’ Union and Chair of their Audit and Risk Committee as well as being Governor on the Board of the University of West London Workforce Committee and on the Board of Melanin Medics.

Hiba has won several awards for research and performance in her clinical roles, a national award in quality improvement, two consecutive “Outstanding Trainee” awards and a gold medal in regional weightlifting.


  • Critical thinking skill development in education
  • Education - responsibilities and influences
  • Health data digitisation
  • Healthy lifestyle support
  • Holistic approach
  • Human migration
  • International engagement
  • Open data
  • Sustainability
  • Young women in STEM