Our Governance Framework sets out the rules and practices by which we have agreed to manage ourselves and our business.  

The development of this framework was led by one of our working groups, comprising of self-nominated members and led by representatives from our Executive Group.   

It specifically sets out the key values and principles, structure, policies, and procedures that are in place to support the UK Young Academy in achieving its mission of enabling interdisciplinary collaboration across diverse sectors to share ideas, address societal challenges, and develop and mobilise early career talent in an inclusive environment. 

The Governance Framework outlines the governance structure of the UK Young Academy by establishing the expectations and processes of our member-led leadership team, the Executive Group. It also lays out an overview of our key stakeholders: 

  • Governance Committee 
  • Committees and Working Groups 
  • Staff team

This document is to be reviewed every two to three years by the UKYA Executive Group and staff team.