Our goal

Shaping a better future together

The UK Young Academy is a new interdisciplinary organisation of UK-based early-career researchers, innovators and professionals from across society who share a passion to improve our world.

As part of a global initiative of Young Academies, we will give a voice to individuals with ideas, initiative and drive who wish to work together to contribute to national and global decision-making.

Make a difference

We will provide an opportunity for our members to actively participate in discussions that address societal or global challenges, inform public debate and bring about meaningful change.

Open to all

We aim to be an inclusive and open organisation, providing a voice for individuals from many different sectors and backgrounds to share ideas, develop thinking and meet others.

Strive for excellence

We are a forum for talented emerging leaders to apply their own expertise alongside that of colleagues from other fields, both in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

Young academies have the unique ability to break down silos and deliver on large and ambitious activities. They can develop networks, workshops and funding opportunities to rapidly respond to emerging situations such as the pandemic.

Zahra Rattray, Member of the Young Academy of Scotland

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