​The Strategic Plan sets out the UK Young Academy’s strategic priorities for the next five years (2023 – 2028). It is a member-driven document that includes our mission, vision and tells the story on how we will carry out our work as we define our position in the UK and global landscape and establish our first work programmes and projects.   

It was developed by our strategy working group who had the opportunity to shape and drive the strategy. At the centre of our strategy are our strategic priorities, which were determined by our members as areas that mattered the most to them. Each strategic priority focuses on a different aspect of our work. Our strategic priorities:  

  • Amplifying unheard, marginalised and underrepresented voices​ 

We provide a platform to amplify the voices of early career professionals from across society. We give a voice to individuals with ideas, initiative, and drive to work together to contribute to national and global decision-making. 

  • Technology as an enabler for better life and a sustainable planet 

We are positioned to provide thought leadership in identifying and supporting the development and implementation of technologies for a better life and sustainable planet. 

  • Climate change and environmental sustainability 

We seek to inform, influence and challenge action taken in the UK and globally in response to the climate emergency. We are committed to collaborating with other industry bodies to take meaningful action towards better environmental sustainability.  

  • Supporting early career professionals and empowering the younger generation​ 

We are committed to supporting members’ career advancement and empowering the younger generation with practical skills to address societal issues through programmes and projects.

With special thanks to our wider membership who provided their feedback on the drafts of this document.

Our Strategic Plan was finalised in November 2023, and will define the next five years of work programmes across the UK Young Academy.