Strategic Plan  

The UK Young Academy has released the first edition of a key document: our Strategic Plan 2023-2028. 

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The Strategic Plan outlines the UK Young Academy’s strategic direction for our first five years, in a context of rapid global change. Developed by one of our working groups, it sets out the UK Young Academy’s vision, mission, and principles, as well as our strategic priorities which each focus on a different aspect of our work.  Our strategic aims focus on:

  • Amplifying unheard, marginalised and underrepresented voices
  • Technology as an enabler for better life and a sustainable planet 
  • Climate change and environmental sustainability
  • Supporting early career professionals and empowering the younger generation​ 

This strategic plan serves as a practical guide to prioritising the UK Young Academy’s activities in the near future, especially in its crucial first years as we define our position in the UK and global landscape and establish our first work programmes and projects.

UK Young Academy Strategic Plan (2023-2028) PDF, 0.48 MB
UK Young Academy Strategic Plan (2023-2028) Welsh translation PDF, 0.49 MB