Chiara Heide

Member since 2023

Occupation: CEO and Founder at P.Happi by B.Y.M. Technologies Ltd

The UK Young Academy provides an exciting opportunity to meet like-minded individuals from all disciplines to collaborate and solve real world problems. I am really passionate about addressing antimicrobial resistance and its burden on women’s health and excited to start working with the other members!


Chiara is the founder and CEO of P.Happi. P.Happi is a female-led, venture capital funded biotech start-up developing pioneering microbiota solutions for urinary health and beyond. Frustrated with the lack of innovation in the female health space, Chiara started the company after completing her PhD in synthetic biology/bioengineering at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London (ICL) in 2020. She studied Advanced Chemical Engineering at ICL, and did her undergraduate in Chemistry at UC Berkeley, University of Potsdam and ETH. She was a Marit Mohn/Departmental Scholar, and Scholar of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation. While studying at Imperial College, Chiara founded a supportive network for female academics ‘WOMENinSTEM@IC’ to improve retention of women in STEMM careers.


  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) and data
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Healthy lifestyle support
  • Public Health messaging
  • Research translation
  • Young women in STEM