Computer sciences

Alistair McConnell

Member since 2023

Occupation: Assistant Professor at Heriot-Watt University

Collaborate with people who are determined to take their ideas or research out of their lab and into the wider world.


Alistair McConnell’s research focuses primarily on soft robots, human-robot interaction, and healthcare robotics.

Alistair is enthusiastic about public engagement and outreach both within the university and all around the country. He leads the Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh Centre for Robotics public engagement activities and works closely with the National Robotarium engagement team.

He is driven to take research and work out of the lab and into the real world, often through the entrepreneurial route, where he has experience creating both spinouts and start-ups. During his post-doctoral role, he co-founded a start-up Mask Logic Ltd as a way of addressing the problems of the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) and data
  • Better funding for early career researchers
  • Critical thinking skill development in education
  • Education - responsibilities and influences
  • Healthy lifestyle support
  • Research translation
  • Water security
  • Young women in STEM