Private sector leadership

Arthur Dudney

Member since 2024

Occupation: Director of Cultural Programmes at Arcadia

My work aims to connect traditional archival practice to the digital world so that we can authenticate sources of knowledge and fight disinformation.


Arthur Dudney is the Director of Cultural Programmes at the charitable fund Arcadia. He manages a programme of grants to digitise endangered cultural heritage around the world, ensuring that it is available to future generations as well as being more accessible in the present. In this role, he thinks extensively about the ethics of cultural documentation and best practices for sustainable digital archiving.

Arthur’s academic research field is the intellectual and cultural history of eighteenth and nineteenth-century South Asia, particularly how language was understood and literature was connected with identity formation. He has published two books on the subject. He was previously a research fellow at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and a teaching fellow at SOAS. He holds a PhD in Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies from Columbia University and an AB in Classics from Princeton University. He is a fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society.


  • Cross-cultural and international education
  • Culture loss
  • Human migration
  • Interdisciplinary research opportunities
  • International engagement
  • Lifelong learning
  • Misinformation and disinformation
  • Open data
  • Research culture
  • Systemic bias