Educational sector leadership

Katrina Bradley

Member since 2023

Occupation: Teacher and Company Director at Numerasee

I aim to support parents and kids to work collaboratively so that we can together address the generational gap that exists within the teaching of mathematics, eliminate barriers to learning and maximise engagement in the subject.


Having worked as a peripatetic music teacher throughout her twenties, Katrina devised and facilitated several progressive, curriculum-based, whole-class music programmes. During this time, she developed a personal teaching approach to maximise engagement or identify barriers in pupils’ learning, allowing them to embrace new experiences, build individual confidence and reach their full potential. Seeking a more permanent role in the classroom, Katrina completed a PGCE in 2016. As a lover of both music and mathematics, she began to unravel the strong crossover between the two subjects. In a post-pandemic world, where innovation and critical thinking will be the foundation of the growing STEM generation, Katrina believes that it is more important than ever to provide children, parents and educators with the tools they need to succeed. Katrina’s company, Numerasee, is a maths movement designed to do just that.


  • Better funding for early career researchers
  • Critical thinking skill development in education
  • Cross-cultural and international education
  • Cross-sector skill sharing
  • Education - responsibilities and influences
  • Education, ages 5-11
  • Engaging under-represented audiences
  • Lifelong learning
  • Social change
  • Young women in STEM