Ricardo Safra de Campos

Member since 2023

Occupation: Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at University of Exeter

I believe that the UK Young Academy provides an opportunity to help democratise science, making it more socially relevant.


Ricardo is a population geographer working on global issues of human migration and environmental change. To this end, his research has made significant contributions to the fields of population movements in the context of climate change adaptation and generated impact through research, policy and practice. His expertise in these areas has been recognised through an invitation to give oral evidence on migration and climate change to the EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee of the UK’s House of Lords. Ricardo has submitted written evidence on climate change and development to the International Development Committee of the UK’s House of Commons. He is currently leading an international research effort integrating climate justice into government-led interventions in Bangladesh. This project will develop an evaluative framework to examine the circumstances under which planned relocation are transformative – for whom, in what ways and with what implications for justice in the context of climate change.


  • Climate change
  • Engaging under-represented audiences
  • Evidence based governance
  • Human migration
  • Interdisciplinary research opportunities for early career researchers
  • International engagement
  • Misinformation and disinformation
  • Social change
  • Societal impact of research
  • Sustainability